Pecan Pies

Our pecan pies are homemade with quality ingredients. Please keep in mind that we do not use any preservatives in our pies, so they must be refrigerated immediately upon arrival. You may also freeze the pies for longer storage. Here’s a handy tip: Slice large pies frozen for prettier slices!

Our large pie is 9 inches, sold individually, and our mini pies ( 3 ½ inches) are sold in a gift box of nine pies. Both are available in Pecan and Chocolate Pecan.

Candy Items

Chocolate items, brittle, and divinity cannot be shipped if destination temperature is over 70 degrees. Ice pack charges may apply.

Pecan Health

For delivery to Alaska and Hawaii, please call, fax or email for price quotes. For orders placed from outside the USA, please call, fax or email for pricing information.