Jelly, Jam, Syrups & Sauces

We offer a wide variety of Jelly, Jam, Syrup and Sauce products. Our most popular jelly items are Peach ( 9 oz) and Mayhaw ( 10 oz).  We are also offering Georgia Moonshine Jelly and Peach Moonshine Jelly in 9 oz. jars. Our syrups, both regular and sugar-free, are 12 oz. each. Try the Pickled Quail Eggs for something unique.  These are packed in 16 oz. jars. Pa Bill’s Barbeque Sauce is a local favorite- not too spicy or too mild- packed in 18.5 oz jars. Pecan Honey Butter is always popular and is packed in 16 oz. jars.

If you are looking for an item other than those shown on our website, please call us! We have a large selection of jelly, jam, syrup, and sauce items in our store and we will be glad to assist you.

Candy Items

Chocolate items, brittle, and divinity cannot be shipped if destination temperature is over 70 degrees. Ice pack charges may apply.

Pecan Health

For delivery to Alaska and Hawaii, please call, fax or email for price quotes. For orders placed from outside the USA, please call, fax or email for pricing information.